The following are some of the questions we have received in the past that you may find helpful.

How Does the Rotator attach to the table?

Four 2” Velcro strips is all it takes. This allows easy removal from your table and transfer to another area for use. You can also use clamps or screws if you desire. (The Velcro holds great!)

What is The Rotator made of?

The Rotator family is made of ½” Komacel high strength PVC. It allows for a light weight device that is very durable and easy to clean.

 What if I need replacement parts?

Many of the Rotator parts used are available at your local hardware store. Custom parts are available from our manufacturing plant in Ohio. Send us an email for a price quote

How can I see the Rotator work?
There are videos on our “Product Demo” page

What kind of transfer tape should I use?
We recommend R-Tape Conform Series tape. It has good lay flat capabilities and is easy to remove.

How can I get one of the Rotators?
Call us at 740-815-2424.   We take Visa, MC, or PayPal.

What can I use the Rotator for?
You can use it for applying transfer tape to vinyl graphics, storing laminate, wrapping paper, shrink wrap, masking tape, roll bags or just about anything that comes on a roll.

Can I mount the Rotator on a wall?
Sure. But be sure it is attached securely. A 30” model fully loaded can weigh up to 50 lbs.

How many rolls with fit on The Rotator?
It depends on the size rotator you purchase. The 30” model has 4 spindles, each holding 30” of material. For instance, on the 1st spindle you could load a 30” roll. The 2nd a 12” and 18”. The 3rd a 2”,4”, 8”, & 16”. The 4th a 24” & 6” roll of clear transfer tape.