Like many of you, I started my sign business out of my basement in the early nineties. During the first year I did most of the production myself, so I needed to be as efficient as possible. I realized that a lot of my time was being wasted on switching out rolls of vinyl transfer tape when I was masking graphics, not to mention the difficulties that I had to overcome in order to get the mask onto the vinyl graphics by myself. An extra set of hands or some kind of apparatus to help out would have been nice, but there just wasn’t really anything in my sign making supply catalogs that were quite what I was looking for. There were some that would hold one or two rolls, but that seemed time-consuming and wasteful if I only needed to mask a small graphic while my large roll was mounted. Those models were sometimes permanently affixed to work tables also. I wanted something portable that I could move from one work table to another. I needed to be able to mask graphics that were longer than my tables in some cases. I needed something more portable, time-saving, cost-efficient and versatile than anything I could find.

So I created the rotating transfer tape dispenser. Many prototypes were created until I finally felt like I had the perfect design that would meet my exact needs. The Rotator was so helpful in my shop that I began the process to obtain a US patent on my creation that was granted in 2006. We have manufactured and sold over 1,000 units and I firmly believe that it is the most efficient device available today to apply transfer tape to vinyl graphics on the market today.

The Rotator eliminates the need to switch rolls each time you have a different sized graphic that needs transfer tape. It helps you save time by simply rotating to the desired width of transfer tape that each specific vinyl graphic calls for. You will also save money because it cuts down the need to unroll an excess amount of transfer tape to cover the graphics. It also saves on labor since it holds the tape above your vinyl graphics for you as you smooth it onto them and is easily used by one person

In 2007 with the success of the 30″ model we introduced several other models tailored to the needs of sign makers.

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Tim Moore, Inventor