The Rotator is a lightweight, cost-effective dispenser designed for fast and organized application of transfer tape. It is available in a number of models to match your configuration, needs, and budget.

“The Rotator” was designed for …

the use in the manufacture of signs and banners.  It is used for storing and simplified the application of transfer tape but is also used for dispensing lamination films, vinyl and a variety of other spooled material. 

Why would you want to use “The Rotator”?

  • Saves storage space.
  • Organizes transfer tape and other spooled materials.
  • Fast and easy access.
  • Allows application of transfer tape by one person.
  • All of our products are made from durable 1/2” thick high density Komacel PVC. Virtually unbreakable under normal sign shop use
  • Does not require pre-cutting and handling of the material.
  • Wrinkle-free application.
  • Simple to load rolls of material
  • Economically priced.
  • Easily removed from the table to clear space for other projects

How does “The Rotator” work?

To apply transfer tape to your weeded vinyl simply select the roll that you would like to use by removing the lock-pin and rotating to the desired position and replacing the locking pin.  Next, you pull the transfer tape from the Rotator until your graphic is covered.  Finally, you squeegee the tape onto your graphic and trim it out. Select “Product Demo Video” from the menu above to see exactly how it works.


Other uses for “The Rotator”?

Click Here for some other possible uses of the Rotator

“The Rotator” Specifications, Pricing and Order Pages

Select the product you would like to order

  • TM-30 Rotating – 4 Spindles – 30″ Wide — Click Here
  • TM-48 Rotating – 4 Spindles – 48″ Wide — Click Here
  • DS-30 Stationary – 2 Spindles – 30″ Wide — Click Here
  • DS-48 Stationary – 2 Spindles – 48″ Wide — Click Here
  • RB-30 Stationary – 1 Spindle – 30″ wide — Click Here
  • RB-48 Stationary – 1 Spindle – 48″ wide — Click Here